The system provides an estimate of in vivo efficacy of commonly used antiretroviral drug combinations based on user-defined information of HIV genotype (mandatory) and additional patient information (recommended). The engine is not intended as a replacement for standard of care but can be used by HIV specialists as an additional treatment decision support tool. Although analysis of a large data set of medical records has shown a good performance of the system, there is no warranty that its use will improve patient health. HIV care must rely on a solid knowledge of the complex host-virus interaction and proper consideration of patient status and commitment.

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See what drug regimens are currently considered

Drugs to be used to build the treatment regimen (optional)

Nucleoside RT inhibitors

Non-Nucleoside RT inhibitors
Protease inhibitors

All the listed drugs will be considered to generate the best treatment options list. If one or more drugs are unchecked, a custom prediction list will be also generated discarding regimens that include at least one of unchecked drugs.

Additional information increasing the accuracy of the prediction (optional)

Number of past treatment lines

Baseline markers

Demographic data

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